Giorgio Lavari

550 CHF
Porno Star, Pepper and Salt shaker
Sculpture, Ceramics with gilded text
20 x 12 x 12 cm
Edition: 18/20 signed in gold (Edition Ferrero)

About the artist

Giorgio Laveri, is an Italian artist already present in many museums, a consecration of more than 45 years of artistic life. Giorgio was born in 1950 in Savona. Actor, assistant director, stage assistant, director, he directed his first film in 1978. Giorgio Laveri is a passionate person who has always given without counting. Generous, the human remains his priority. Young he discovered ceramics by one of the masters of the discipline: Lucio Fontana who introduced him to what would become his great passion.

He makes large- and small-scale ceramic sculptures of random objects that we use in our everyday life. Falling into the routine, which is quite common in our fast-paced living style, we tend to forget what we really need and want in our personal possession. Our homes, purses, bathrooms, office desks are full of clutter, of countless material objects that we passionately buy. In our consumer culture it is quite familiar to fall for an object just based on its design, and when the form is not satisfying anymore, we just replace it with a newer version. Laveri moves ordinary objects out of our bags and desks and puts them in large scale ceramic form, reminding us that there is beauty in timeless design, and we should not forget to admire it.

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