Richard Smith

750 CHF
Richard Smith English (1931-2016)

Print - multiple: screen-print in colours
65 x 51,5 cm
Edition: /100
Not framed (framing on request)
About the artist:

Smith's early work drew on packaging and advertising, which led to his being associated by some critics to the Pop Art movement. [7]  Smith stated that his work was often physically related to hoardings or cinema screens which never present objects actual size; you could drown in a glass of beer, live in a semi-detached cigarette packet. However, his concerns were largely formal. His works from this period, such as Panatella (1961) can be seen as abstract works whose scale, handling of paint and use of colour show the influence of American colour field painters such as Mark Rothko and Sam Francis, and he tried to integrate their expressive painterly concerns with an exploration of the experience of mass culture.

As an attempt to make a connection between 'high' art and popular culture Smith's work differs from the work of his British Pop contemporaries, who were more concerned with iconography.

Smith stated that: My interest is not so much in the message as in the method.

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