Choose your Art-frame in the comfort of your home

An artwork with a specific frame that fits your interior and still follows the aesthetical rules is not just a decoration but an expression of the best of refinement style and class.
Color, furniture, style of the house, lighting, and your taste are the subjects we can explore when we build up your frame. It is a complete work of art.
Your style and taste are important to us.
We come to your home with all the samples, we choose the right frame according to the art, your taste and house style. We transport your precious art safely to the workshop. When it's ready, We will bring the framed art back to you  and I will hang it for you voluntarily. 
Different framing shapes and materials are available. The range of finishes and their visual look follows the fashionable trends: gilded, embossed moulding, varnished, metal, stained, waxed, lacquered...

We go through different stages from pictures of your interior to your personal requests that we can translate into specific applications and techniques.

We always work with the highest standards to protect your Artwork (acid-free, UV- protecting, and anti-reflecting glass), while giving it the place it deserves in your home.

What is done with love
is done well

Art. Framing Art


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