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Nous offrons un service unique et complet en Romandie

If you don't have time or the shop is too far for you, we have the solution ! We pick up our client’s artwork with care and bring the framed artwork back to their home. The artworks are well wraped and secured.This service is for free.  
Before we pick it up, we will have a meeting (WhatsApp, messenger…) about the style, color….to give an idea which samples we must take with us when we come to your home ( we keep all discretion). If you want we hang up your framed artworks for free. That's our special service.
When we go to our clients with samples, we discover the object to be framed but also its environment. Then, we advise them as best as possible so that the frame enhances the painting and is ideally based in the décor." Once his work is finished, we gladly take care of the hanging. We do not hesitate to take time. Our goal is really to satisfy my customers as well as possible and to give them pleasure. Please check our reviews.

Alain Defoer is a framer and a connoisseur of contemporary art. His studio is in Saubraz. He frames paintings, editions, makes boxes for objects,... All that is dear to its customers! Alain likes challenges. He has more than 25 years of experience in international art and art framing."


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