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Who is Simone Monney?

Simone Monney

Creating emotions in space

Originally from Zürich, painter Simone Monney has her studio in Gland. A fan of fashion and drawing, this creative soul nevertheless embarked on a career path far removed from her passions. Working for Firmenich S.A. in Geneva, she discovered the wonderful world of perfume and the entire production chain. Developing all her senses for this extra-sensitive person was a godsend, and she became a graphic designer.

In 2005, she gave up her professional career to embody her true vocation: to be an artist. The studio is part of her daily life and its atmosphere evolves according to her moods, which are always positive. Music is an indispensable companion in her creative moments. Contemporary for explosive pop art, or classical for lyrical expression. Thanks to the meditation she practices on a daily basis, she goes into alpha mode, multiplying her imagination and creativity tenfold. Simone Monney is always looking for new challenges, and doesn't hesitate to use new materials and techniques in her painting.

Her favourite mediums are Indian ink for its fluidity, acrylic, spray and gouache. On canvas, the colours, often brilliant, are organised in an aerial ballet, like a flight of butterflies, a round of flowers, a joyous firework display. One of the artist's plans for 2023 is to exhibit her olfactory works in appropriate spaces. She had the honour of presenting a multi-sensory installation, Personal Structures, at the Venice Biennale in 2022 at the Palazzo Bembo. Composed of 5,000 butterflies, this work symbolises change and spiritual renewal.

Simone's eye-catching creative vision has won her international acclaim, and she has successfully exhibited her work in a number of countries, reflecting a universal dimension in which everyone can find their own emotional and artistic resonance.

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