Robert Indiana

320 CHF (framed)
ROBERT INDIANA (Robert Clarck, American, 1928-2018)

Hand tufted carpet from Robert Indiana.
The LOVE rugs are hand made in the holy Indian City of Varanesi
62 x 62 x 2 cm

About the artist

(born Robert Clark; September 13, 1928 – May 19, 2018) was an American artist associated with the pop art movement. His 'LOVE' print, first created for the Museum of Modern Art's Christmas card in 1965, was the basis for his 1970 Love sculpture and the widely distributed 1973 United States Postal Service 'LOVE' stamp. He created works in media including paper (silk screen) and Cor-ten steel.
From the master rug maker and dy chromist “John Gilbert”

Hand tufting is an ancient technique. Until the advent of synthetic and natural latex, wich is used to bind the reverse, hand-tufting was previously only done in loop format For the Indiana’s Love Rugs, we carefully select the yarn, using only 100% Indian wool. We select the best Indian wool available. A two-play yarn, spun at 2,5 turns by inch, is used to achieve the true intensity of the Pop Art colours of Robert Indiana. We then wash the yarn in several natural baths and finally in a bleach bath. The yarn is then hand dyed using exclusively chrome dyes, after which it is washed, dried in the sun and spun onto cones. At the point, we create a full-sized Love template. The template is laid down on stretched, mounted cotton canvas and an ink wash is applied to bring the Love on the screen to life. The tufters arrive an masse and the tufting process begins. Tufting is done by hand using a hooking device, powered solely by hand in a process similar to the shuttle hooker used for thousands of years. Tufters follow the pattern and switch the colours according to the design. Once the entire design is tufted by hand, a preliminary inspection takes place to confirm the quality of the craftsmanship. At this point the reverse side of the rug is coated with synthetic latex. Depending upon the weather, the latex requires up to 48 hours to dry, the art is cut from the frame and the edging is fixed by hand.

At this point, another team of the craftsmen arrives to do the finishing work. The face of the rug is clipped by hand. Once this is completed, the hand carving begins. The lines of the Love are hand carved with a similar scissor in the hands of the master carver. The rug then undergoes one final inspection after which it is labelled and packed. All our Robert Indiana’s Love rugs are hand made in the holy Indian city of Varanasi. We practise respect for the environment and of our workers in all stages of our production and do not use chills labour. Love rugs should be cleaned professionally only and are not suitable for machine wash.”

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